the bones of the masters protect
the cave on the copper-coloured mountain,
the lineages are unbreakable,
the karma fully-formed, perfect

‘kam sher lamkyer’,
whatever arises, carry it to the path,
bring it to the table,
all is embraced, all history is there,
the future too, no experience is pre-empted,
forgotten or in vain

my heart floods, this blessed body,
still here, still dying,
still breathing,
an unambiguous, unique radiance

alone, before dawn after the night rain,
waiting in a dark, dank bus in Amdo,
large buckets catch the seeping drips,
outside, the restless bus driver is coughing up his lungs …

I see it now, the golden dharma,
the inexplicable forgiveness of countless lifetimes,
I am streaming lapis lazuli tears,
humbled beyond recognition