not just my heart but a world-record
is broken,
my heart crumbled,
so fast, so furiously,
never before, the aorta so torn
from its moorings

kneeling, bowing, clasping
the divine feet of Avadhut,
forgive me O Lord, do not pity me,
I deserve this coarse sack,
depraved, time-worn, dissolute souls do not enter
the celestial palaces, the mirage
of nectarean space

‘I cannot say it enough,
I love you,
whatever ‘I’ is left
after loving you’,
a disembodied voice in the half-devoured night,
in the steely, wet dawn

is there a sliver of light, a shiver, a crack
in the darkness?

heart heaving, like never before,
like a mammoth sea, encrypted