‘ I am nectarean knowledge, unchanging bliss;
I am everywhere, like space.’

From Dattatreya’s Avadhut Gita chapter 3, verse 4 (ca 10th century A.D)


the realisation comes
that life cannot be traded,
nor weighed

it is immaculate and as fleeting as a cloud
or a drop of rain

the realisation comes,
that love can only be granted
by the grace of God

it is beyond control,
a wild columbine on the scree,
unseeded, unworshipped,
ravaged by wind and yet glorious

Avadhut, there is nothing that compares to you,
nothing that matches the emptiness,
the far-reaching caress of your gaze,
your labyrinthine splendour

how do I talk about this,
this love, this fire,
these mountain tears

I have to kneel, bow,
accept that I am lost, helpless,
in turmoil,
courting oblivion

I train my eyes to Andromeda,
offering my heart to the sacred marriage,
arms splayed, mind blazed