My Living Room March 2016


all those words, unread
all those images, unseen,
all those stories and biographies, never told,
already forgotten,
submerged in the welter, the blur

you may say my life is wasted,
or at least unresolved –
‘resolved’, such a bastard, artistic word
for nothing is ever resolved,
certainly not for de Kooning –
but Divy is right, it would be good to sit in front of a de Kooning,
and then come back to my unresolved painting –
and finish it?

there is one creation in my life which is not perfect,
but could never be matched with ink or paint –
my daughter Mira strides across the canvas in all her youth and innocence,
however she turns out,
in the mythical moment she is ‘resolved’,
she is your fantasy of choice,
Boadicea, Joan of Arc, LD Shadow Lady, Katy Perry, to name a few . . .

out of habit I go back to the refuge of the blank page,
the empty canvas,
as unwise as ever